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A Virtual Internship at ABS: Featuring Our Marketing Intern, Kayenat

A Virtual Internship at ABS: Featuring Our Marketing Intern, Kayenat

Covid-19 has prompted many challenges for students and fresh graduates looking for job opportunities to grow and enter that new chapter in life. However, we at ABS are constantly looking for talents to shape and gain new perspectives, and the pandemic has not changed that. 

Meet Kayenat Adnan, a bright mind who recently completed her virtual internship with us in the last quarter of 2021. In our interview with her, she recalled her exciting 4-month journey interning at ABS Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd. 

Kayenat, 21, is a Digital Marketing major studying at Asia Pacific University in Malaysia. When asked about her experience working at ABS, she said, “The things I’ve learned and the experiences I’ve gained was exceptional. I don’t think I would have done my internship anywhere else.” 

A Day in the Life of a Virtual Intern 

Kayenat walked us through what her working days usually looked like while working from her home country in Saudi Arabia. 

In the morning, she would type out her tasks list and plan out her day. Then, at around 10 am, her supervisor and her would have a virtual meeting to go through the tasks planned and brainstorm ideas to promote products and social media accounts. Regular check-ups from her supervisor was a common occurrence to clarify doubts and ensure she was on the right track. 

“My supervisor was very helpful,” she recalled. “She was always ready to help if I wasn’t sure about anything, making the whole experience less daunting and a lot of fun.” 

A Glimpse into the Engineering Industry

Kayenat shared that working in the engineering industry as a business major was an interesting experience. Tasked in developing promotional and marketing campaigns for the products by our partners such as Alfa Laval and Becker, studying up the products and conducting research was essential. 

“It was tedious work as it involved fairly technical terms, and I realised it required a different approach as compared to promoting commercial products. I’m glad I was able to apply the knowledge I’ve accumulated from my academic journey.” 

Interning at ABS, she was able to build valuable skills and gain interesting insights into the industry and customer base. She further explained that the autonomy and decision-making her supervisor entrusted her with gave her the confidence boost she needed to overcome future challenges and enter the corporate world. 

What about Challenges? 

“Noisy siblings,” Kayenat joked with a knowing smile.

She added that she worried she would have felt isolated and disconnected working virtually, but her supervisor was always there to check up on her and ensure she was clear about her responsibilities.

Goals Achieved

“My goal was to gain as much working experience as possible from my internship and I’m glad ABS was able to provide that for me,” she said. 

Through her internship, Kayenat was able to obtain first-hand experience in the marketing field. From crafting professional emails to content creation for social media, Kayenat describes her internship experience as a comprehensive and insightful one. 

Kayenat’s Advice for Those Working Virtually

  1. Keep communicating with your supervisor. It prevents miscommunications and benefits both parties. 

  2. Take short breaks in between work. It’s easy to lose track of time when working from home and people tend to work continuously without rest. 

  3. Working around family can be difficult at times, but there’s always two sides to a coin. Talking to your family about your job tasks can be a great outlet to reduce stress and you might even stand to gain new perspectives on a problem you did not see before. 

We thank Kayenat for having embarked on this exciting journey with us at ABS and wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

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