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3 Things You Need To Consider When Choosing an AODD Pump

3 Things You Need To Consider When Choosing an AODD Pump

Investing in a reliable air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump plays a vital role in the success of different industries. Be it for sanitary, chemical, ceramics, automotive, or even steel and metal industry, choosing the right AODD pump ensures the smooth operation and safety in your factory or plant.

Generally, AODD pumps are relatively cheaper than other types of positive displacement pumps such as lobe or gear pump. It doesn’t require expensive motors, controls, mechanical seals or even the need for expert installation. However, for certain wear and tear components such as diaphragms, balls, and sears, you might need to be mindful of the frequency of repairs especially when the pump is dealing with moving harsh chemicals or abrasive material. This is also why we encourage you to only buy genuine pump parts to ensure the smooth operation and avoiding unwanted downtime.


  • Exceptionally effective at transferring almost any viscous fluid safely and reliably
  • Running dry for an extended time without damaging the pumps or it’s components
  • Able to tackle deadheading without damaging the pump
  • Gentle on the products especially shear-sensitive products such as paints
  • Cost-effective with low initial purchase price
  • Self-priming and does not require positive inlet pressure (NPSHA) to prime
  • Seal-less and required no expensive mechanical seals or packing
Blagdon AODD Pump
Versamatic AODD Pump
versamatic bolted plastic aodd pump

So, what are the things that you should look into before investing in AODD pumps?

1. AODD Pump Chemical Compatibility

AODD pumps generally comes with different variation in terms of the types of material for the elastomers, castings or any possibly hardware if there are plans to submerge the pump. When there are plenty of options for their material such as aluminium, polypropylene, stainless steel, or PVDF, it is crucial to check the chemical compatibility of the fluid with the pump materials. For instances, if you are dealing with flammable fluid, it will be better to choose a material that can be grounded, like a metal ATEX model that our AODD pumps offer.

You will need to understand your fluid characteristics and how the pump will be used to ensure the performance and extend the life span of the AODD pump. Of course, ABS professional engineering team is always here to help you with making sure that your fluid is compatible with the pump material.

2. Off-the-shelf or custom AODD pump?

Custom AODD pumps are often an option whenever you are dealing with complicated and troublesome applications. With custom pumps, additional accessories or parts might be added to the regular AODD pump which hikes up the price as well. This might be something you would want to take into accounts.

Oftentimes, we only opt for a custom pump when different AODD pumps has been tested but the technologies still fall short. You will need someone woth the engineering expertise and experience to handle designing and building a custom pumping system. ABS Engineering as the distributor of Versamatic and Blagdon Pump, one of the biggest AODD pump manufacturers, will be helping you to determine and design the best pump for your application.

3. Physical Attributes of AODD Pump

Our AODD pumps give you an option to be used in a portable application where you will be able to carry or move the pump around. In circumstances like this where the pump weight is a concern, you might want to opt for a lighter material like polypropylene or aluminium.

Other than that, the location where the AODD pump will be installed determines the material of your pump. As the UV sunlight can potentially break down plastic components leading to issues, plastic AODD pump might not be the best choice over here. Also, if you are dealing with cold fluid where it might be frozen in the pump, its is better to add in heat tracing features into the AODD pump as it prevents freezing.

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Since 1994, ABS Engineering has always been striving to provide our customers top-quality products that are reputable. Therefore, we distribute AODD pumps that are manufactured by one of the biggest pump manufacturers, Versamatic and Blagdon pump. These brands offers reliable operation for all of your applications. With their wide variety of AODD pumps, you will definitely find something that is suitable for your application.

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